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We’re Back!

Falls Church Farmers Market To Go has expanded to include 30 vendors on-site.  All vendors are taking pre-orders and providing pick up service at the market.  Please see Falls Church To Go for rules and information.  OLSW will be partnering with Monroe Bay Vineyards to provide soap and wine for our customers (both should be considered essential in ANY crisis, right?)


For pre-ordering – please review available items on this website.  Local orders do not need the shipping charge and should place an order by emailing me.  When I receive the email, I will take payment over the phone and prepare your order for pick up at Falls Church Farmers Market or, if more appropriate, delivery.  


All of my soaps, regardless of scent, will help in good hand washing practices.  The most effective are lavender – antibacterial and antimicrobial or lemongrass eucalyptus – antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial. You can find them on the Our Soaps page.


Other antiviral products are Lemon Pep Healing Balm and OLSW Hand Sanitizer.  Lemon balm is a herbal antiviral agent used in both products.   To be clear, this hand sanitizer has natural elements which are antiviral and antibacterial, but it does not contain isopropyl alcohol.  Alcohol and hand washing with soap and water are the best deterrents for spreading germs and virus. You can find these on the Seasonal & Specialty Items page.


If you’d like items shipped, please order here.  If you have questions or are local & would like to explore delivery options, please email me at info@oaklanesoap.com.  


Thank you for enjoying OLSW products.  I hope to see you soon.  Stay Home, Stay Safe & Stay Sudsy!  Melinda